Accounting Support Services

Get assistance with your everyday internal accounting functions so that you can focus on the core management of the assets.
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How Accounting as a Service Works

  1. We provide daily reporting

    Our team enters invoices and night audit entries daily.
  2. We execute recurring tasks

    We handle recurring assignments, like invoice entry and daily activity postings, as well bank reconciliation and P&L review.
  3. We deliver work logs of completed tasks

    We provide daily, weekly, and monthly work logs that outline the completed and outstanding tasks.

Get Experienced Account Managers

Inn-Flow provides you with an experienced Account Manager who will work directly with you and the property level staff. We are here to aid with some of your accounting responsibilities, so that you and your team can focus on more important aspect of your business goals!

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Why Hotel Executives Choose Inn-Flow

Ensure Daily Activity is entered accurately with no fudging of numbers.

We take care of the repetitive entry, and you still get the final approval of invoices!

Bank Reconciliation can be tedious. Let Inn-Flow do it for you!

Inn-Flow’s Accounting Services has been the perfect fit for us. We wanted to bring all of our hotels over to Inn-Flow, but we didn’t have the staffing in-house to execute our plan immediately. Accounting Services allowed us to bring all of our hotels over with the help of their exceptional team. It has been the best of both worlds and allows us to focus on growing our business.

Jignesh Patel
Owner at JNR Management Inc.

There’s a better way to operate.

Focus on improving ROI, making better-informed decisions, and exceeding expectations, all with one solution.

Forget jumping between various systems and unify all of your hotel operations onto a single platform that integrates all of your data, tools, and processes.

The Inn-Flow Platform Includes: