6 Auto Email Reports Every Hotelier Needs

Hotel operations move fast and at times it can feel like there are a dozen fires to put out. As a hotelier, you want to spend time growing your business, but you also want to remain vigilant about threats to the bottom line. Inn-Flow’s auto email reports deliver vital labor and accounting analytics to save you […]

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Overtime Laws: 5 Ways Inn-Flow’s Labor Management Prepares You

The Department of Labor (DOL) is pushing hard for new overtime laws, which would have widespread effects on the hotel industry. Inn-Flow’s Labor Management software gives you the tools to control your labor costs and either mitigate or avoid unnecessary overtime pay, regardless of what happens with the DOL overtime laws.  1. Overtime at Risk […]

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Hospitality Labor Management: Managing Housekeeping & Increasing Productivity with Hotel Manager Software

Labor is the single largest controllable expense in a hotel. Labor management is especially crucial within the housekeeping department where the labor needs fluctuate greatly based on rooms rented, types of rooms to clean, stay overs, late departures and more. Unlike the front desk that has to be manned during a regimented schedule and consistent […]

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