I've been in the hospitality industry for 28 years and the very best thing about Inn-Flow is that it's built for hotels. It's not a one size fits all accounting package, like other software I have used in the past.

Joe McCurdy
President at Tacoma Creek Hospitality

Inn-Flow's Accounting Services has been the perfect fit for us. We wanted to bring all of our hotels over to Inn-Flow, but we didn’t have the staffing in-house to execute our plan immediately. Accounting Services allowed us to bring all of our hotels over with the help of their exceptional team. It has been the best of both worlds and allows us to focus on growing our business.

Jignesh Patel
Owner at JNR Management Inc.

As a General Manager, I went from spending 2 hours a day uploading manual items line by line to processing all of my daily items within a matter of 1 to 2 minutes with Inn-Flow's PMS integration. This allows me to quickly move on to front of the house items such as interacting with our guests.

Lee Smith
General Manager at HOS Management LLC

Housekeeping assignments have helped us tremendously, and now that we have them set up, not only will they help us save costs, but also time and energy daily.

Jimmy Crane, CHA
Regional Director of Operations at Opal Hotels Group

The Inn-Flow trainers are second to none! We're very fortunate to work with trainers who are former hotel controllers and can provide industry-specific solutions.

Brigette Johnson
Accounting Manager at WS Management
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