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Inn-Flow is a hotel-specific accounting and management software designed by hoteliers for hoteliers. Our flexible platform enables hoteliers to streamline their hotel finances and operations and offers sales, labor, payroll, and more modules. Back by an excellent Support Team and frequent enhancements, Inn-Flow is a preferred software solution for over 1,000 hotels. Inn-Flow’s mission is to use the latest technology to solve challenges common to the hotel industry, improve efficiency, and drive performance.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Accounting, Management, and Operations Software
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management Software - Accounting, Bookkeeping, Labor, Payroll, Sales, Procurement and more.

Our History

Inn-Flow was established in 2009 in Cary, North Carolina, and built out of necessity. Technology in hospitality software was severely lacking, ruled by few, and decades behind. John Erhart, Founder and CEO of Inn-Flow, began the development of Inn-Flow hotel accounting software to meet the needs of his family’s hotel business, CMC Hotels. Collaborating with industry experts, leading developers, and the CMC’s executive team, he engineered a cloud-based platform to manage their entire portfolio. In 2014, Inn-Flow launched its software solutions to users across the hospitality industry.

Today, our hotel accounting software is powerful enough to run large enterprise portfolios yet designed and priced for the individual hotel owner. We focus on building partnerships with clients and garnering regular feedback, which drives frequent and complimentary enhancements for all users. Today, Inn-Flow supports over 1,000 hotels with portfolios ranging from 1 to 200 properties while maintaining a 98% retention rate.

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