Bookkeeping Made Simple

Boost employee productivity with automated software and dedicated support

Inn-Flow software helps automate and simplify the bookkeeping process. We also offer bookkeeping support to assist you with a variety of tasks, from invoice management to recon ciliation, so you can focus on more important issues.

  • Daily activity entry
  • Invoice entry
  • Invoice approvals
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Automated payroll imports
  • P&L review and analysis
  •  Dedicated account manager
Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software - Productivity
Automated Solutions

Comprehensive bookkeeping services

Accurate and timely bookkeeping is a necessary, but tedious, function of business. Let Inn-Flow eliminate bookkeeping hassles with automated technology that saves you time and aggravation.

Daily Activity Entry

Stay on top of your financials with access to updated data every morning. Inn-Flow ensures the accuracy of nightly statistical data from your PMS.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software - Financial Updates

Streamlined Invoice Entry

Free your team from repetitive invoice entries. Inn-Flow will code and complete invoice entries, then give you final approval of all invoices.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Eliminate the tedious work of reconciling bank and credit card transactions. Inn-Flow will reconcile your financial accounts on a weekly or monthly basis and keep your books up to date.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software

Automated Payroll Imports

Payroll is a significant portion of every hotel’s financial statement. Automate payroll imports — weekly or bi-weekly — so your team can focus on other important tasks.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software

P&L Review and Analysis

Maintain an accurate understanding of your financial health. Our regular review of P&L statements will highlight any overages or large variances and help you keep track of any items that require adjustments.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software

Dedicated Account Manager with Hotel Bookkeeping Expertise

An experienced Bookkeeping Services Agent will work directly with you and property staff to assist with hotel bookkeeping responsibilities.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software
Customer Tesitmonial
"Inn-Flow's Bookkeeping Services has been the perfect fit for us. We wanted to bring all of our hotels over to Inn-Flow, but we didn’t have the staffing in-house to execute our plan immediately. Accounting Services allowed us to bring all of our hotels over with the help of their exceptional team"

Newton, MA

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The Inn-Flow System

A Comprehensive Suite of Software Solutions

Inn-Flow is much more than an accounting solution. Take advantage of a complete set of software offerings that bring all of your critical data together into one convenient location.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software


Modernize your accounting with a streamlined, standardized accounting process that improves employee productivity and makes it easy for you to access real-time financial data.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor Management Software


Operate smarter and more efficiently with automated labor management tools that help you accurately monitor labor needs and reduce labor costs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Payroll Management and Accounting Software


Process payroll with one click of a button. Automated payroll services and dedicated support make it a breeze to process payroll accurately and timely.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software


Don’t get bogged down with invoice entries and other tedious bookkeeping tasks. Let our AI supported technology and trained support staff handle all of your bookkeeping needs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Procurement, Management, and Accounting Software


Be smarter about what you order. With advanced software that tracks inventory and monitors expenses, you can reduce waste by only ordering what you need, when you need it.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Sales, Management, and Accounting Software


Maximize sales revenue with automated tools that track sales activity and ensure your sales team stays focused on key accounts and upcoming opportunities.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software Integrations


To provide you with access to all the data you need in one convenient location, Inn-Flow seamless integrates with industry-leading applications and services.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management Software

Business Intelligence

Make more informed business decisions with dashboards that provide valuable insight into how hotels are performing. Track trends and compare performance between properties.