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Everything you need to know. All in one convenient location.

Maintain all of your important business data in one location. The Inn-Flow platform seamlessly integrates with your financial institution, PMS, payroll processing company, and other valuable partners so you can conveniently view all of your valuable data in the same place.

Interactive dashboards

Visualize key performance metrics across your entire portfolio with interactive dashboards — including customizable charts and graphs — that allow you to view real-time data and evaluate trends over time. Monitor financial performance and labor trends, or track guest satisfaction and sales activity, to identify hotel properties that need attention or departments with opportunities for improvement.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software

Scheduled reporting

Reports showing key metrics are automatically generated and delivered to a select group of team members identified by you. Our customized business intelligence solutions allow you to determine what information you want and how often you’d like the data delivered.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software


Our hotel business intelligence software makes it easy to compare key performance metrics across your entire portfolio of hotels or create specific groups of hotels for comparison (ex: full service, extended stay, etc). Generate comparisons using hotel-specific performance indicators such as Cost Per Occupied Room (CPOR) and Minutes Per Occupied Room (MPOR).

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software

Dive in with drill down functionality

Quickly access all the details you need with drill down features. Dive into specific line items on a P&L report, or review invoices attached to individual bank transactions. Whatever information you need, we make finding it easy.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software

Forecast and predictive analytics

Leverage our forecasting capabilities to warn you about performance issues before they happen. Alerts, such as “overtime at risk” alerts, allow you to mitigate potential risks and avoid unnecessary costs.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software


The alert system highlights and prioritizes the tasks and issues that need a users attention. Theses are role based, therefore each user sees only the alerts that are relevant to their role.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software


Users receive instant notifications — by text, email and in-app messages — with key information about their job. A few examples: A desk agent will be notified if their schedule changes or if a time off request is approved. A housekeeper will be notified when their shift is about to end. A manager will be notified if an invoice needs approval.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Business Intelligence and Management Software
Customer Testimonial
"I love that all the data you need is consolidated into one platform. It has helped me become a better manager in saving costs and managing my time. It's helpful in staffing and controlling labor costs. It's efficient and has all the pertinent data pertaining to accounting, budgets, scheduling and even forecasting."
General Manager

Raleigh, North Carolina

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The Inn-Flow System

A Comprehensive Suite of Software Solutions

Inn-Flow is much more than an accounting solution. Take advantage of a complete set of software offerings that bring all of your critical data together into one convenient location.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software


Modernize your accounting with a streamlined, standardized accounting process that improves employee productivity and makes it easy for you to access real-time financial data.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor Management Software


Operate smarter and more efficiently with automated labor management tools that help you accurately monitor labor needs and reduce labor costs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Payroll Management and Accounting Software


Process payroll with one click of a button. Automated payroll services and dedicated support make it a breeze to process payroll accurately and timely.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software


Don’t get bogged down with invoice entries and other tedious bookkeeping tasks. Let our AI supported technology and trained support staff handle all of your bookkeeping needs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Procurement, Management, and Accounting Software


Be smarter about what you order. With advanced software that tracks inventory and monitors expenses, you can reduce waste by only ordering what you need, when you need it.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Sales, Management, and Accounting Software


Maximize sales revenue with automated tools that track sales activity and ensure your sales team stays focused on key accounts and upcoming opportunities.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software Integrations


To provide you with access to all the data you need in one convenient location, Inn-Flow seamless integrates with industry-leading applications and services.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management Software

Business Intelligence

Make more informed business decisions with dashboards that provide valuable insight into how hotels are performing. Track trends and compare performance between properties.