Enhance guest service — and boost employee productivity — with smart labor tools

Finding the perfect balance in hotel labor and staffing doesn't have to be a challenge. You can exceed guest expectations, without excessive staff, by using Inn-Flow's hotel labor models based on forecasts and pre-configured rules. Inn-Flow helps you operate smarter and more efficiently with tools that provide clear insight into labor needs and help you identify ways to reduce labor costs.

  • Labor models
  • Smile iD
  • Housekeeping management
  • Overtime at risk alerts
  • Smart scheduling
  • PTO management
  • Daily approvals
Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor Management Software

Keep employees happy with smart scheduling and improved communication

With innovative labor management tools, you can simplify the process of scheduling and forecasting. Employees benefit from tools that make it easier to clock in, request time off, and stay informed of scheduling changes.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
  • Labor models
  • Payroll integration
  • Smile iD time clock
  • Smart scheduling
  • Housekeeping management
  • PTO management
  • PMS integration
  • Smart notifications
  • AI insight and support

Reduce labor costs with better insight and monitoring

Labor is the largest controllable expense for any hotel manager. Our labor software gives the tools to accurately monitor employee productivity and successfully reduce labor waste. With a holistic view of labor operations, you can more easily identify potential problems and uncover opportunities to maximize productivity.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
  • Labor models
  • Dashboard
  • Overtime at risk alerts

Labor Models

Reduce costs with real-time insight into labor needs.

Optimize labor usage with established rules and budgets

Labor Models allow you to establish company-wide expectations and rules around labor needs. You can easily create budgets based on specific criteria — day of the week, minutes per occupied room, arrivals, departures and other factors.

Accurately forecast labor needs

Weekly forecasts, combined with labor models, provide hotel managers with the visibility and insight they need to create appropriate labor schedules and stay under budget.

Seamlessly integrated solution

The Inn-Flow labor management solution seamlessly connects with your PMS and passes that data through your labor models, allowing you to accurately schedule and forecast your labor needs.

Smart Scheduling

Better manager your workforce with automated alerts and overtime warnings

Easily create and adjust schedules

Simple drag-and-drop features allow you to quickly create, edit, and automate schedules. Schedule templates can be used week after week.

Alert staff to schedule changes

Employees receive immediate email and text alerts notifying them of any schedule changes. You can also alert housekeepers when their shift is about to end.

Automatically integrate time off requests

Our software allows employees to request time off directly from the timeclock, and all approved requests are automatically integrated into future schedules.

Overtime warnings

Managers receive alerts warning them of possible overtime risks based on an employee’s previous shifts and future schedule.

Biometric Time Clock / Smile ID®

Reinventing how employees punch in and punch out to better control labor costs

Say goodbye to the traditional time clock. We rebuilt it from the ground up to help you better control labor costs. Our biometric time clock — powered by proprietary Smile iD® technology — uses facial recognition to revolutionize the punch in / punch out process.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
Easy, secure, and reliable  

Facial recognition is more user friendly, more secure, and more reliable than passwords, key cards, and thumb readers.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
No more passwords

With sophisticated facial recognition technology, there’s no more need for employees to remember their password. Employees “punch in” with a quick scan of their face.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
Eliminate early punching  

Set limits on how early employees can clock in before their scheduled shift.

View schedules

Employees can access and view work schedules within the time clock app.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
Timesheet approval

Employees can easily view and approve their timesheets and their acceptance is automatically documented.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor Management Software
Declare tips 

Employees can declare tips in the time clock app at the end of each shift.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
Request time off

An intuitive interface allows employees to request time off. Requests are sent to managers for approval and automatically posted on future schedules once approved.

Knock out buddy punching

More than 75 percent of businesses report problems with co-workers punching in for others.  The introduction of Smile iD eliminates buddy punching for good.

Additional Features

Automated alerts and enhanced functionality

Automate your labor management processes with an array of features that help you better manage overtime costs, PTO requests and more.

Overtime “At Risk” Alerts

By automatically tracking how many hours an employee has worked and is scheduled to work, managers are immediately alerted to potential overtime risks. This allows schedule adjustments that can lower labor costs.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software

Housekeeping Management

Improve productivity with tools that enable you to assign rooms to housekeepers based on custom cleaning service levels and Inn-Flow will provide them with an expected shift end time based on room assignments and pre-configured labor models. Track actual rooms cleaned (including  Do Not Disturb rooms) at end of each shift.

PTO Management

Employees can request paid time off directly from the timeclock. Once approved, requests are automatically incorporated into future schedules. The system keeps track of all paid time off requests and sick leave for each employee.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software

Payroll Processing

Inn-Flow’s hotel software offers comprehensive payroll processing services, including payroll tax filing and payments, direct deposit, and W-2s. Payroll data can be directly imported into the accounting system to simplify reconciliation. A dedicated hotel Payroll Specialist provides additional expertise and support.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor, Payroll, and Management Software

Better Employee Communications

Keep employees well informed with automated text and email alerts. Employees are immediately notified when a schedule is published, if there are any changes to their shifts, and when a request for time off has been approved.

PMS Integrations

Inn-Flow integrates with your PMS to pull statistics like stay overs and departures which are then used in labor models to create perfect labor budgets.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor and Management Software
Customer Testimonial
"I like that this system was made by hotel owners. It really shows in the reporting as well as the labor portion. Much less labor intensive when doing payroll and inputting missing punches or buddy punches because of smile ID. When we were using the old system, we could see that we had a ton of overtime, but it was very hard to pinpoint."
Chief Financial Office

Dayton, Ohio

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The Inn-Flow System

A Comprehensive Suite of Software Solutions

Inn-Flow is much more than an accounting solution. Take advantage of a complete set of software offerings that bring all of your critical data together into one convenient location.

Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software


Modernize your accounting with a streamlined, standardized accounting process that improves employee productivity and makes it easy for you to access real-time financial data.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Labor Management Software


Operate smarter and more efficiently with automated labor management tools that help you accurately monitor labor needs and reduce labor costs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Payroll Management and Accounting Software


Process payroll with one click of a button. Automated payroll services and dedicated support make it a breeze to process payroll accurately and timely.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Software


Don’t get bogged down with invoice entries and other tedious bookkeeping tasks. Let our AI supported technology and trained support staff handle all of your bookkeeping needs.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Procurement, Management, and Accounting Software


Be smarter about what you order. With advanced software that tracks inventory and monitors expenses, you can reduce waste by only ordering what you need, when you need it.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Sales, Management, and Accounting Software


Maximize sales revenue with automated tools that track sales activity and ensure your sales team stays focused on key accounts and upcoming opportunities.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management and Accounting Software Integrations


To provide you with access to all the data you need in one convenient location, Inn-Flow seamless integrates with industry-leading applications and services.
Inn-Flow - Hotel Management Software

Business Intelligence

Maximize sales revenue with automated tools that track sales activity and ensure your sales team stays focused on key accounts and upcoming opportunities.