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Software that plays well with others

Inn-Flow offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions to help you better manage your hotel portfolio, but we recognize you need data from additional sources to have a complete view of your business. Our software platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading applications and services so you can see all of the valuable data you need in one convenient location

Added Visibility

Everything you need to know. All in one convenient location.

Maintain all of your important business data in one location. The Inn-Flow platform seamlessly integrates with your financial institution, PMS, payroll processing company, and other valuable partners so you can conveniently view all of your valuable data in the same place.

Property Management Systems (PMS)

Integration with all leading Property Management Systems means you no longer need to manually enter property level financial and statistical data into your accounting software. The statistical data coming from the PMS is used in all Inn-Flow products to drive budgets and forecasting.

Industry Benchmarking

Compare your performance with other hotel operators. Inn-Flow integrates with the leading comp set services to provide market information — including supply and demand and market share data — so you better understand how you stack up against the competition.

Bank Sync

Inn-Flow syncs with your financial institution, automatically reconciling bank transactions and eliminating the need to manually import financial data. This ensures you have accurate, real-time details about bank transactions and balances.

Positive Pay

Protect yourself against fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks with a leading fraud detection system. Checks presented for deposit are matched and cross-referenced with an auto-generated list of issued checks, including date, dollar amount, and other relevant details. Any suspicious items are verified before they clear.

Payroll Processing Providers

No matter who processes your payroll, your payroll data is integrated with the Inn-Flow platform.

Reputation Management

Protect your reputation by monitoring guest feedback and staying on top of potential concerns. Inn-Flow pulls in guest satisfaction data from Medallia and online reputation sites so you always know what your guests are thinking.

Customer Testimonial
"As a General Manager, I went from spending 2 hours a day uploading manual items line by line to processing all of my daily items within a matter of 1 to 2 minutes with Inn-Flow's PMS integration. This allows me to quickly move on to front of the house items such as interacting with our guests."
General Manager

Pooler, GA

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Learn how you can automatically integrate business data from other critical applications and services into the Inn-Flow system, giving you the info you need in one convenient location.

The Inn-Flow System

A Comprehensive Suite of Software Solutions

Inn-Flow is much more than an accounting solution. Take advantage of a complete set of software offerings that bring all of your critical data together into one convenient location.


Modernize your accounting with a streamlined, standardized accounting process that improves employee productivity and makes it easy for you to access real-time financial data.


Operate smarter and more efficiently with automated labor management tools that help you accurately monitor labor needs and reduce labor costs.


Process payroll with one click of a button. Automated payroll services and dedicated support make it a breeze to process payroll accurately and timely.


Don’t get bogged down with invoice entries and other tedious bookkeeping tasks. Let our AI supported technology and trained support staff handle all of your bookkeeping needs.


Be smarter about what you order. With advanced software that tracks inventory and monitors expenses, you can reduce waste by only ordering what you need, when you need it.


Maximize sales revenue with automated tools that track sales activity and ensure your sales team stays focused on key accounts and upcoming opportunities.


To provide you with access to all the data you need in one convenient location, Inn-Flow seamless integrates with industry-leading applications and services.

Business Intelligence

Make more informed business decisions with dashboards that provide valuable insight into how hotels are performing. Track trends and compare performance between properties.