Focus on Financial Performance

Get hotel specific accounting across all brands on one platform.
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Real-time visibility of financial performance

Inn-Flow gives you instant visibility into accurate financial records with our all-inclusive accounting solution.

Tools that benefit you

Inn-Flow gives your team the tools needed so that you can delegate daily tasks to key team members

Streamlines efficiencies

Inn-Flow has the efficiency to run detailed reporting in a timely fashion

Quickly gain visibility into your financial performance

Get real-time visibility with all your books on one platform. All reporting is complaint with Uniform Systems of Accounting 11th edition (USALI).

  • Compliant reporting from the second your site is created.
  • No need to review reports and detail on different screens. All detail is provided within the reports!
  • Stop wasting time with reclass journal entries. Edit the coding of entries during the time of review.

All the tools you need to support you and your team

Inn-Flow helps your team have all the tools they need in one place and simplify their day-to-day operations.

  • Repeating withdrawal, deposit and journal entries allows you to stop making the same repetitive entries every month.
  • Strict role permissions ensure your team members only have access to what you want them to see!
  • No limit on the number of users or licenses allows everyone on your team to participate and benefit.

Streamline process to improve productivity

With Inn-Flow streamlining processes is simple. By having the ability to run real-time reporting you can save time in your day.

  • Correct entries during reporting review and simply refresh the report for accurate and updated financials!
  • No more waiting for an entry to post before its reflected on reports.
  • Easy exporting and importing throughout the platform!

There’s a better way to operate.

Focus on improving ROI, making better-informed decisions, and exceeding expectations, all with one solution.

Forget jumping between various systems and unify all of your hotel operations onto a single platform that integrates all of your data, tools, and processes.

The Inn-Flow Platform Includes: