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6 Auto Email Reports Every Hotelier Needs

Hotel operations move fast and at times it can feel like there are a dozen fires to put out. As a hotelier, you want to spend time growing your business, but you also want to remain vigilant about threats to the bottom line.

Inn-Flow’s auto email reports deliver vital labor and accounting analytics to save you time and energy. By automatically emailing out key reports, your managers, co-owners, executives, and departmental heads will be able to independently keep things on track, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Set it and Get it!

Set up reports that can be emailed to individuals or to specific positions. For example, you can identify a selection of reports you want your General Managers to receive on a regular basis. As you grow your portfolio and add new General Managers, they will instantly receive the reports corresponding to their position. This “Set it and Get it” system ensures that each member of your management team promptly gets the data needed to efficiently manage their department.

Top 6 Auto Emailed Reports

Inn-Flow’s auto email reports are customizable and can be sent out daily, weekly, monthly or annually. You can create multiple versions of these auto email reports to help you stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of your operations.

1. Daily Flash

Inn-Flow has a variety of different Daily Flash reports that you can customize to fit your unique business needs. You have the ability to include part or all of your portfolio and begin sending reports to individuals who manage your operations.

Version 1:

Below is one of our most popular Daily Flash reports. It shows the trailing 7 days of your properties and gives you quick stats, such as revenue trends and comparing month-to-date (MTD) to the previous year. This snapshot of financial health helps managers make important operations decisions that impact the bottom line.

Daily flash report

Version 3:

Offering vital insights into what’s happening today, MTD, and year-to-date (YTD), this report provides you with all of the information you need to budget smarter. You can compare variances to the previous year and the original budget.

Daily Flash Reports - Look at these with STAR Reports

Best Practices

  • Customize reports to fit the business needs of your managers.
  • Send these reports to your managers on a daily basis who make decisions impacting the bottom line.

2. Controllable Expenses

Pulling in the Inn-Flow Adjusted Budget/Flow through analysis is an important feature that tells you what you should have spent based on actual business levels. This report is a catalyst for conversation among your hotel managers. Utilize it to get your General Managers talking to all of the department heads about where they currently stand to avoid surprises at the end of the month.

Controllable Expenses Report

Best Practices

  • Send a customized, controllable expense report out to your department heads automatically on a weekly basis.
  • Tailor this report to include any departments or chart of accounts you feel your managers should be aware of.
  • Have your department heads sign off and add comments as well — so that everyone can be held accountable.

3. Weekly Segmentation

The Weekly Segmentation report runs Sunday to Saturday, just like your weekly STAR report. It is easy to draw attention to both the positives and negatives when you use this report to evaluate your weekly STAR report. After careful analysis, your team will be able to utilize insights from these reports to improve revenue management strategies, which will increase your overall bottom line.

The example report below shows the hotel received 31% of their business from internet sites at an average daily rate of $44.55 — not the most favorable outcome! They may want to ask themselves: “Should we put additional restrictions on our internet rates to avoid this in the future?”

Segmentation Report Shows You Overtime at Risk

Best Practices

  • Send this report to your Sales and Management team on a weekly basis to coincide with the day your STAR report is received.
  • Help guide your team in their initial analyses and conclusions by encouraging them to self-correct as time goes on.

4. Housekeeping Assignments

Your management team needs to keep a close eye on the productivity of its staff. This report shows room types assigned to each housekeeper, as well as their budget based on cleaning service levels, and the actual time it took to clean.

From the example below, a manager would be able to see that Bonny needs additional training to keep pace with the hours budgeted.

Housekeeping Assignments Reports

Best Practices

  • Send this report out weekly and monthly so your management team can evaluate specific members of your housekeeping department.
  • Identify who needs additional training to stay in line with the budget.

5. Labor Summary

Labor is every hotel’s largest controllable expense. In this report, you not only get insight into your budget, but you also receive overtime data. This report is color-coded for quick evaluation so that you can easily identify your trouble areas and make adjustments.

Labor Summary by Pay Period | Hotel Manager Software | Inn Flow

Best Practices

  • Send this report out weekly to all hotel level department heads.
  • Send this report for multiple hotels to all area managers showing them a snapshot of multiple properties in a single email.

6. Overtime at Risk

This proactive report can be run to show you which employees are at risk of earning overtime. Managers can then identify and adjust the schedule before overtime happens.

In the example below, look at actual hours worked (column A) vs. scheduled hours (column S). Your General Manager is able to see that the hotel is at risk of paying almost 10 hours of overtime if the schedules are not adjusted.

Overtime Report

Best Practices

  • Send this report daily to all department heads.
  • Identify employees at risk of getting overtime and adjust schedules accordingly.

Get Automated Now

Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, sending automated reports to your team on a regular basis improves efficiency and accountability.

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