Cary, NC, September 12, 2023 — John Erhart, Founder and CEO of Inn-Flow, proudly announces the launch of Inn-Flow’s redesigned website and renewed brand identity. This significant milestone underscores the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of hotel management software solutions.  

The Journey
“Inn-Flow started in 2009 out of a real need to bring innovation to a sector that was falling behind the times,” recounts Erhart. “Born from the practical needs of our own family’s hotel business, CMC Hotels, Inn-Flow has evolved into a hotel management software suite that has now garnered a 98% retention rate and currently supports over 1,000 hotels.” 

About the Rebrand
The rebrand goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies Inn-Flow’s holistic vision for reshaping the future of hospitality. We have fine-tuned our brand identity to better match the innovative and user-friendly nature of our software solutions. The refreshed website design and logo echo this vision and set the stage for a new chapter in Inn-Flow’s journey of simplifying hotel management and empowering hoteliers.

“Our rebrand isn’t just cosmetic. It reflects our unwavering dedication to building strong partnerships with our clients. We are continually adapting, and this rebrand represents our latest evolution,” says Erhart. 

What’s New?
The recently launched is an entirely new experience designed to be the ultimate resource for hotel owners, particularly those managing multiple properties. As the hospitality industry has evolved, so have the challenges of managing a hotel’s financial and operational aspects. Our new website is engineered to be a one-stop solution to these challenges, backed by software designed by hoteliers for hoteliers. 

Inn-Flow is committed to continuous innovation, and the new website reflects this commitment. Expect to see frequent updates, helpful content, and new feature rollouts aimed at making your hotel operations more efficient, effective, and ready for the future.

Customer Testimonials
“Inn-Flow is very cost-efficient and time-efficient, and definitely worth looking into for an all-encompassing hotel management platform,” observes Robyn Mounce, CFO at Renascent Hospitality LLC. 

“Inn-Flow has made my job so much easier,” echoes Archana Patel, COO at AM Hotels.

Our Mission and The Road Ahead:
At Inn-Flow, we are deeply ingrained in our mission—to utilize the latest technology to resolve common challenges in the hotel industry, enhancing efficiency and driving performance. As we step into the future, expect more innovative solutions, powerful features, and user-driven enhancements as we continue on this exciting journey. We’re committed to making Inn-Flow the go-to destination for hoteliers looking for an all-in-one solution for superior hotel management. And stay tuned! We have an exciting feature release in the works that promises to expand the Inn-Flow platform in ways you won’t want to miss.   

About Inn-Flow
Founded in 2009 and based in Cary, NC, Inn-Flow is a hotel-specific software platform that has emerged as a leader in the hospitality industry. Known for its high retention rate, the company is committed to client partnerships and continuous improvement. For more information, visit Inn-Flow’s website.

Press Contact:
Emily Bobb