We are excited that our customers helped us secure a top 3 position in the 2024 HotelTechAwards for both hotel accounting and labor management software categories. This recognition is a direct result of the outstanding support and feedback from our users. Thanks to their fantastic reviews and firm belief in our capabilities, we’ve earned this prestigious honor, demonstrating the significant role our customers play in our continuous drive towards excellence and innovation in hotel technology solutions.

“Inn-Flow does it all- Accounting to payroll, even biometric timeclock, in an all in one platform. I have used several similar types, but the immediate customer support response and help is what really sets them apart…” -General Manager, Wilmington NC

Revolutionizing Hotel Finances: Inn-Flow’s Accounting Software

Our hotel accounting software redefines financial management, which is why we’re excited to be a finalist in this category within the hotel industry. It offers streamlined processes, real-time data access, and comprehensive financial reporting, making it indispensable for hoteliers seeking efficient and accurate financial tracking. Discover its transformative impact our customers have seen and how it has revolutionizes their financial management. To learn more visit our Hotel Accounting Software page.

“We have been able to convert from an on-premise accounting software to a streamlined cloud-based solution with Inn-Flow, the transition was seamless…” -Owner, Centreville VA

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Optimizing Hospitality Workforce: Inn-Flow’s Labor Management Solution

Our solution in this category is pivotal for hotels seeking to enhance staff scheduling and management. Our Labor solution is tailored to optimize workforce efficiency, reduce labor costs, and boost operational productivity. It plays a crucial role in streamlining labor management processes, ensuring proper staff allocation to meet demand. Our software is transformative in workforce scheduling and operational efficiency, making it a game-changer in the hotel industry. Discover more about its capabilities on our Scheduling & Labor Management solutions page.

“[Inn-Flow] really makes my job easy. I can figure out my budget and save time making my schedules each week. I like that the system will notify me if I am over or under budget…” -Supervisor, Nogales AZ

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Inn-Flow’s Dedication to Innovation in Hospitality Technology

Founded in 2014 by hoteliers, Inn-Flow actively dedicates itself as a company to overcoming industry challenges through innovation and premium services. Our goal is to streamline hotel management by integrating various services into one efficient, comprehensive system. As we celebrate this milestone, we thank our customers and team, and remain committed to driving the hotel industry forward with our top tier solutions.

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Overview of the HotelTechAwards

The HotelTechAwards are a benchmark of excellence in hotel technology. Recognizing the best in the industry, these awards are based on the feedback of a global community and a robust, data centric evaluation process.

The HotelTechAwards, recognized as “the Grammys of Hotel Tech,” are the industry’s only data-driven awards platform. Finalists are determined based on comprehensive reviews from a global community of verified hotel technology users across 120 countries. This esteemed recognition is a testament to our user centric approach and dedication to improving hotel operations.

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