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Every subscription comes with free implementation & training as well as a dedicated client support team to help you streamline your operations.

No long term contracts Price is per month, per hotel.

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Scalable for growth

Inn-Flow grows with you. We can scale according to your business goals and have you covered every step of the way.

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Inn-Flow never locks you in and allows you to cancel whenever you want to.

Exceptional support

All subscriptions include a team of support specialist that are happy to assist you.

Free implementation

Our implementation and training are completely free with all subscriptions giving you all the tools you need to get up and running.

Effortless integrations

We integrate with tools and services you already use, such as your PMS, STR, Medallia, and much more.

Specialized expertise

All of our trainers come from the hospitality industry, most of them being previous controllers. We provide our clients with the best resources and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our straight-forward pricing model is by hotel, by month for all applications with the exception of Labor Management and Payroll. Labor Management and Payroll service pricing are tiered by the number of employees your company has.

Inn-Flow’s suite is a-la-carte. Our clients add on properties and modules as they grow, and the need arises.

Our implementation is included with the initial purchase of each module. We have an implementation team with hotel industry expertise that works with our clients to get Inn-Flow’s solutions fully implemented in 30 to 60 days. If necessary, we can expedite your start and have you up and running in less than a week.

Absolutely! We have a wide range of independent properties that use Inn-Flow in multiple regions.

Inn-Flow was built for scale with enterprise features that are key for large portfolios like invoice splitting, group reporting and enterprise reimbursement tracking.

We have lots of clients with 1-10 hotels, all of which are a variety of sizes – less than 10 rooms to over 200 rooms.

Yes, you can subscribe to labor management without using any of the products.

What our clients are saying

Inn-Flow has made my job so much easier. With QuickBooks, I was the one receiving and entering all invoices. Now all properties can take on those responsibilities, cutting my workload in half.

Archana Patel
COO at AM Hotels

Having an all-in-one software is key in the hospitality industry, and Inn-Flow has achieved that. It allows everyone to access all the information they need through a single login.

Ketan Zaveri
Director of Human Resources at Jamsan Hotel Management

Before Inn-Flow, it was a nightmare trying to get payroll to flow into accounting. Now I can process payroll, and by the next day, I can look at the numbers and close out the month.

Rick Emery
General Manager at The Circle Fairfield & Hotel HiHo

The Inn-Flow trainers are second to none! We’re very fortunate to work with trainers who are former hotel controllers and can provide industry-specific solutions.

Brigette Johnson
Accounting Manager at WS Management