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Get all the tools you need to manage labor costs and improve efficiency.
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Control overtime

Inn-Flow has several built-in features to help you manage overtime. Receive overtime at risk alerts and prevent employees from punching in early to avoid excess labor costs.

Effortless scheduling

Streamline your scheduling process by setting budgets and avoiding scheduling conflicts with real-time visibility into your labor performance.

Biometric time clock

Inn-Flow’s biometric time clock with proprietary facial recognition technology, Smile ID, will help you control labor costs and avoid buddy punching.

Gain Control and Save Time

Labor is the largest controllable expense in a hotel. Software that allows you to set labor budgets based on forecasted rooms rented and other hotel specific metrics is essential.

Don’t wait until payroll is processed to know how your labor is performing. Inn-Flow provides real-time daily reporting so that you can manage your actual labor against budgets and schedules.


Have seamless integration with your payroll.

Give your managers the tools to schedule labor based on metrics.

Automate your Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Time tracking.

Being able to schedule our staff based on arrivals and departures has enabled us to use our resources correctly giving the guests the service experience they deserve.

Adam Takach
General Manager at Hallmark Lodging

There’s a better way to operate.

Focus on improving ROI, making better-informed decisions, and exceeding expectations, all with one solution.

Forget jumping between various systems and unify all of your hotel operations onto a single platform that integrates all of your data, tools, and processes.

The Inn-Flow Platform Includes: