The importance of software integration becomes clear through the benefits it offers. Software integration can significantly improve your organization’s operations through streamlined processes, reduction of costs, and ensuring efficiency.

As your business grows, the importance of software integration grows as well. The need for all your operations to work harmoniously together becomes critical. When adding new systems into the mix, they don’t always play nice together, resulting in more manual work, losing efficiency, and productivity. 

When coming to the realization that software integration is essential, consider a solution that combines your accounting, time clock, workforce management needs (i.e. scheduling, approvals, performance analysis), and payroll.

Not All Software is Created Equal

When evaluating solutions, make sure you consider the basic requirements, such as: 

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Built specifically for hotel operations
  • Unlimited users
  • USALI compliant reporting
  • Build budgets and forecast based on KPI’s

Six Ways Integrations Lead to Success

The software of your choice should incorporate the requirements listed above, as well as these 6 key benefits.

1. Single login 

An integrated solution allows your team to manage all operations from one centralized location. The best solutions is cloud-based and allows users to log in from anywhere. 

2. Reports pull From all systems   

The most accurate way to monitor a property’s actual, real-time performance is through integration. Reporting includes and compares labor, payroll, and accounting data. 

3. Auto-import into payroll 

When labor hours are approved, they will automatically feed into payroll for processing and reduce the time spent on back-office tasks. 

4. Automatic accruals

Calculating Payroll Accruals every month per hotel makes for a tedious and repetitive process. Processed payroll automatically imports into your accounting, and can automatically prorate payroll if it falls over multiple accounting periods with a unified system. 

5. PMS integration

Having PMS data integrated within your software provides greater visibility when it comes to reporting. This allows operators to create budgets and set expectations based on performance.

6. Integrated time clocks 

The best solution includes an integrated time clock. Use your labor schedules to limit early punching and manage the largest controllable expense – labor. 

Best Results 

In the hotel industry today, software fuels growth and allowing hoteliers to obtain a scalable business. While we know technology is important, there are still many hoteliers that are struggling to keep up with their growth and manage costs based on the disfunction of the disparate systems they have in place. Integrated software is transforming how organizations run their operations and enabling them to reach the next level of profitability.

Frequently referred to as a “one-stop-shop,” ERP platforms provide all the solutions a business needs to operate. Inn-Flow provides solutions across accounting, labor, payroll, sales, procurement, and facilities management. Each product integrates to create a robust, intuitive platform at an overall low cost. Our platform is also cloud-based, which includes the benefit of free updates and enhancements regularly.