Hotel Management Magazine was captivated by John’s story of helping his family’s hotel business and creating a much-needed platform for hoteliers. They featured Inn-Flow, highlighting John’s journey in founding the company and his significant impact on the hospitality industry. Over the past 10 years, Inn-Flow has gained widespread adoption among hoteliers, largely through referrals and word of mouth. Now making headlines as a market leader, it addresses the common challenges hoteliers face with outdated, fragmented, and manual systems. These obstacles can lead to financial losses, operational inefficiencies, and increased stress, preventing optimal operations and enhancing guest experiences.

John set out to overcome these challenges back in 2008 when he joined the hospitality industry. At that time, he couldn’t have predicted that he would go on to build an incredible team and create technology that is revolutionizing hotel management. Today, Inn-Flow, a pioneering hotel management software, stands as the “best back-office platform in the hotel industry,” designed by hoteliers for hoteliers. This versatile platform streamlines finances and operations with a comprehensive suite of solutions, including hotel accounting, bookkeeping, labor management, payroll, and more. John’s journey demonstrates that with the right tools, challenges can be transformed into opportunities for success. This blog post highlights the main points of the article and shows how Inn-Flow is setting the stage for accelerated growth and continued innovation, serving an ever-growing number of hoteliers around the world.


Key Highlights: Hotel Management Magazine

The recent feature in Hotel Management Magazine provides an insightful look into how Inn-Flow’s John Erhart discovered the need for hotel-specific accounting and management software.

Inn-Flow’s Origins

Erhart’s journey began at CMC Hotels, where he was tasked with fixing a crucial spreadsheet system that could not scale with the company’s growth. Therefore, his experience with using and testing leading applications exposed the limitations of existing market solutions and propelled him to develop a robust, online application tailored to the specific needs of hoteliers. This challenge utilized his tech background and passion for solving complex problems, ultimately leading him to start Inn-Flow in 2014.

Core Offerings

Inn-Flow streamlines hotel finances and operations with hotel accounting, bookkeeping, labor management, payroll, and more. Additionally, it is designed to be user-friendly and painless to implement. Inn-Flow provides reporting metrics specifically for hotels and significantly reduces administrative time. This allows general managers to focus more on guest interaction and overall experience.

One of our clients remarked, “The ease of using Inn-Flow compared to other software is a thousand times better for me. We can do things so much faster, and our controller is super happy because we can correct miscodings on the spot when we review our monthly transactions.”

Innovation and Growth

Inn-Flow is dedicated to constantly adapting our solutions based on user feedback to ensure scalability and flexibility for multi-hotel operations. In 2023, we adopted AI-driven AP automation to streamline financial analysis. Our R&D team is now integrating AI into more areas of our product suite to drive further advancements.

One of our upcoming features is an interactive P&L tool within our analytics product, designed to enable team-wide review and feedback directly within the the report. This will improve collaboration and streamline financial analysis. We are also launching a new product to expand our suite of tools and forming new partnerships to broaden our capabilities. Through these initiatives, Inn-Flow continues to lead the way in hotel management software innovation.

Client-Centric Approach

Inn-Flow offers extensive support and consultancy, employing experienced hotel operators for insights and continuous feedback. We conduct regular training sessions and quarterly reviews to keep clients updated on the latest features and best practices. Our proactive engagement and customized support reflect our commitment to customer success, building long-term partnerships and driving continuous improvement.

Our user-centric features have earned us high satisfaction ratings, with scores above 9 on Hotel Tech Report.

Looking Ahead

Inn-Flow will deepen its core offerings and enhance integration with key platforms. We will leverage emerging technologies like AI to boost operational efficiencies. We are committed to staying ahead of industry trends to meet and exceed the technological needs of hoteliers. By continually innovating and adapting, we will ensure that Inn-Flow remains a leader in hotel management software for years to come.

In response to our growth, we’ve added a COO, VP of Marketing, and an interim CTO to our executive team. These new leaders will enhance our ability to scale effectively. Their expertise is vital as we expand our customer base and extend our market presence.

With a strengthened foundation and a forward-thinking approach, Inn-Flow remains committed to leading the back-office platform in the hotel industry. Our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction drives us to continually enhance our offerings. We listen to our clients’ needs, providing personalized support and robust solutions tailored to streamline their operations. By focusing on delivering exceptional service and fostering long-term partnerships, Inn-Flow ensures that hoteliers can rely on us to help them achieve success and improve guest experiences.

Embracing the Future with Inn-Flow

Growing largely through referrals and word-of-mouth over the last 10 years demonstrates Inn-Flow’s reliability and dedication to our customers success. It shows the strong trust hoteliers have in its effectiveness. Moreover, this organic growth showcases the genuine value Inn-Flow provides to its users. This has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Inn-Flow’s feature in Hotel Management Magazine highlights our tools to enhance efficiency, elevate guest experiences, and drive financial success. We’re ensuring our platform meets and exceeds the modern technological needs of hoteliers.

Discover how Inn-Flow can streamline your hotel’s financial operations. Learn more about our innovative solutions and schedule a demo today.